What to wear

Ah! One of the most fun and creative things about planning your session is choosing what to wear! It also seems to be one of the most daunting choices, so please remember that I am always available to help!

When you schedule a session with My Blue Sky Photography, you will receive a Portrait Session Planner with lots of information and tips about clothing choices and how to prepare for your session. Here are some general guidelines when choosing clothing for portrait sessions:

For Children: I recommend simple, bright clothing for portraits. Solid colors work really well, especially near the face, but large, playful, bright prints on young children can be fun as well. I also love vintage styles. Small prints and emblems on shirts should be avoided. If conditions permit, bare feet look wonderful in most portraits.

For Siblings and Families: The goal should be to coordinate, but not necessarily match. A good rule of thumb is two colors and one neutral. It works very well when one child wears a pattern on a dress or pair of shorts, and the other family members wear coordinating solid colors.

Accessories are our friends! They add personality, a pop of color, or simply a change of looks in the few seconds it takes to throw one on. Changing up scarves, jewelry, or hats during a session is encouraged!