A Bit More About Me

Well, really this is about my family. I have a page on my website about myself, and that covers the “photographer” me, but I am also a mother and a wife, which is of course a huge important part of who I am. I am lucky enough to be married (for 25 years this December!) to my best friend, and I’m still over the moon for him. We have three children who all joined our family through adoption; the older two were born in the Philippines, and the youngest was born in Korea. I know all moms think their kids are amazing, and I am no exception; I totally adore my kids and marvel at them every day. They also may be the most documented children on the planet. You will see a few images of them in my galleries, and will likely see more images in upcoming blog posts. My boys, I have to admit, are not always eager to be photographed, but I do get to take lots of photos of my oldest playing football and basketball, his favorite activities. My daughter is wonderful about posing for portraits; my challenge with her is that she is so busy now that she is in middle school and very involved in cheer, it is hard to find the time! And my little guy, well, as long as I don’t stop him from his lego-building or playing Minecraft, he’ll go along with being photographed…usually.


Oh, and I almost forgot the newest member of our family! Almost a year ago we got a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. His name is Cody, and he totally sweet and silly, and probably spoiled. He is sitting on my lap as I type this, his head resting on my desk, snoozing away, gathering energy for when the kids get home from school and play time begins!