PAWS Pups 4/6/14

I wasn’t at PAWS as much in March (I had cheer mother duties…that’s for another post!) and wow did I miss it. You see, PAWS is a little like Disneyland for a dog-loving photographer. Everyone there smiles and wants to help, I get to work with awesome, dedicated people, I get to cuddle sweet dogs and best of all, feel like I get to help them out. It’s pretty soul-fulfilling. And here is this week’s new set of sweet, beautiful pups! As always, for more information about these or any number of other adoptable pets, please go to


PAWS Pet Photographer State College, PA

Trying new things…

One of the things I LOVE about photography is that there are always new things to learn. As a photographer, I am constantly growing. There are only about 100 or so things on my list that I want to learn right now, but one of the things I am most excited about is digital painting of images. I love the look, and it is quite an artform.

Here is one of my first attempts. What do you think?


Warmth and Joy

There is nothing like the joy a new child brings to a family. As a parent, your priorities in life are instantly reordered. Your child is your world. And as exhausted as you might be, as much as your world might be totally upside down, you know you have been blessed in a way you can hardly imagine.

The love that this sweet baby girl’s parents have for her is palpable. I see it in their eyes in every image I took. And to witness that love, to see this baby’s entrance to this world greeted by such tenderness and awe, is a blessing in itself.

I’m so grateful to be a witness.


2013-11-15 Shelby Chelik-2
2013-11-15 Shelby Chelik-5
2013-11-15 Shelby Chelik-9
2013-11-15 Shelby Chelik-14
2013-11-15 Shelby Chelik-15
2013-11-15 Shelby Chelik-16
2013-11-15 Shelby Chelik-21
2013-11-15 Shelby Chelik-23
2013-11-15 Shelby Chelik-32

Sweet PAWS pups, 2/09/14

Wow, it was a busy day at PAWS on Sunday!! Again, lots of sweet dogs, full of love, just waiting for their forever families. Each one will bring some family so much joy!

2014-02-09 PAWS-1
2014-02-09 PAWS-2
2014-02-09 PAWS-3
2014-02-09 PAWS-7
2014-02-09 PAWS-9
2014-02-09 PAWS-12
2014-02-09 PAWS-14
2014-02-09 PAWS-15
2014-02-09 PAWS-18
2014-02-09 PAWS-5
As always, if any of these sweet faces pull on your heart strings, you can go to for more information on each of them!

This Week’s PAWS Pups…1/29/14

2014-01-28 PAWS blog

Here is this week’s group of wonderful PAWS pups!! SUCH sweethearts!! Two of them are Pudelpointer pups…have you ever heard of Pudelpointers? I sure hadn’t! They are 9 months old and just so loving and incredibly mellow for puppies. A lot of these dogs had just arrived at PAWS, and in spite of having NO idea what was going on, they were loving and trusting…dogs really just amaze me, over and over!! As always, if you are interested in finding out more about any of these loving adoptable dogs, go to