About the artist

Welcome to My Blue Sky Photography! My name is Corie, and I am so happy you’ve come to visit!

I am a family photographer who adores kids and families, loves pets of all kinds, and just really likes people in general. I have been in love with photography all my life. Yup, I was one of those kids with a darkroom in the basement, watching magical images appear in the chemicals. I am now all grown up, and if anything, I am just more passionate about photography, especially its amazing ability to capture the beauty and love in everyday life.

I am not cool, hip, and trendy. I am down-to-earth, happy, imperfect, and utterly content. I think life doesn’t have to be perfect; it’s the uniqueness of each person’s life that makes it wonderful. I want to capture real people and real emotions in my photography, because there is so much enduring beauty in all the imperfections in our lives.

Requesting to have a photograph taken is a gift, to yourself and your loved ones. I truly find it an honor to photograph others, to play some part in the chain of love and memories that connect people to each other and connects the past to the present.

I specialize in capturing what is beautiful in your life and creating artwork with it for your home. My hope is that every time you pass by an image I’ve created hanging in your home, it brings you a wonderful memory, a smile, and much joy.