Warmth and Joy

There is nothing like the joy a new child brings to a family. As a parent, your priorities in life are instantly reordered. Your child is your world. And as exhausted as you might be, as much as your world might be totally upside down, you know you have been blessed in a way you can hardly imagine.

The love that this sweet baby girl’s parents have for her is palpable. I see it in their eyes in every image I took. And to witness that love, to see this baby’s entrance to this world greeted by such tenderness and awe, is a blessing in itself.

I’m so grateful to be a witness.


2013-11-15 Shelby Chelik-2
2013-11-15 Shelby Chelik-5
2013-11-15 Shelby Chelik-9
2013-11-15 Shelby Chelik-14
2013-11-15 Shelby Chelik-15
2013-11-15 Shelby Chelik-16
2013-11-15 Shelby Chelik-21
2013-11-15 Shelby Chelik-23
2013-11-15 Shelby Chelik-32

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